Some Places:

This was an awesome little hike. I liked sweating next to you and holding your hand and eating lots of yummy kinds of cheese. It was also really cool to see how much SC reminded me of home. I also think we talked about how the greeks/romans made some sort of template for modern society here?? Something I still think about sometimes.

This was pretty hilarious that this was like, 0.5 seconds before water went into my boot. You make eating even subpar sleepy beach town Thai food enjoyable, truly.

I think this was taken the very first weekend that I came down. I was so flooded by everything all at once. Trying to see and understand these new feelings, and seeing you in person for the first time in more than a year. I was overcome by how much everything fit, and how it worked. Also, I would consider this the utterly quintessential Dan fit-- what you reflexively are wearing in my mind at all times (or the striped sweater).

First time skiing together. Look back at it!!